Not the classic early-stage investor. But the partner you need to thrive.

We help you with the foundation and realization of your great digital idea and enable your new digital business to thrive.

Take off while we got your back.

Let us take on the tedious work so you achieve your goals faster. While you focus on the core challenges of your new digital business, we’ll take care of the rest, whether it’s finance, legal, fundraising, people or culture. As long as you need us, we'll be by your side.

You have an outstanding idea for a new digital business? We'll be happy to evaluate your digital idea together and implement it with you and our digital experts.

Our Founders

From visionaries
for visionaries. 

df is not a classic early-stage investor or incubator but the individual partner you need in any situation.

Torsten and Flo are digital entrepreneurs themselves. Together, they have seen many startups and individuals with outstanding ideas. However, only few manage to gain momentum. The majority gets distracted by the vast number of tasks they have to handle as young entrepreneurs – tasks which have nothing to do with the brilliant idea at stake. df wants to change that. We bring missing know-how into your company, foster your independence and take significant work off your shoulders.

How we work 

Get all expertise you need, for as long as you need.

Our Docking station

Imagine your company as a spaceship and df as a docking station in space. Our docking station has several bridges where your spaceship can land – each bridge represents the expertise you are looking for. You can choose to dock at only one single bridge, but you may also use all of them.

Our Expertise

The 6 bridges you can dock on are Finance & Accounting, HR – Recruiting & Development, Planning & Controlling, Infrastructure & Office Management, Business & Legal Affairs and Network & Fundraising

We go all in

We don't do things by halves. We believe in you and your idea and stand fully behind it. And that's exactly why we want to become your partner and will provide you with early funds as investor. 

Finance &
& Office Mgmt
HR – Recruiting & Development
& Legal Affairs
Planning & Controlling
Network & Fundraising

We are real companions who tackle things hands-on.

Teaming up with df has truly taken us to a new level. Silvia and her HR colleagues immediately understood the importance of our team and culture. Our recruiting and onboarding process was sharpened - fluctuation has dropped to nearly zero.

Frankly, it is hard to imagine where we would be today without df. To start with, Torsten and his finance team have supported us in all three fundraising rounds and most of our private investors came from their network. We are currently preparing the upcoming Series A together with df and it is great to have them as sparring partner on our side.
Our Team

Mutual success is our greatest goal 

We are investors, curious visionaries and progressive thinkers, who believe in mutual success. Experts in our fields who want to work together on eye-level.


Let’s achieve great things together

Are you curious if we could be a great match? Let's have a chat and get to know each other.